1967 The beginning      



In 1967, Charalambos Kogerakis (1940-2001) founded the company “Novoplast - Ch. Kogerakis” in Votanikos, Athens, manufacturing formica laminate office furniture. Two years later, in 1969, the company relocated to Peristeri, Athens in a new building and the workforce consisted of about 10 employees. Novoplast was established in the market as a company that offered primarily chipboard lined furniture parts such as desktops. , ).

1992 We are united

In 1992, the two sons of Charalambos Kogerakis started to actively participate in the company. Pantelis, who heads the design and production departments, and Stelios deals with customer relations and sales. The new generation enriches the product line with complete office furniture solutions made from melamine. This change develops significantly the company’s customer list and creates collaborations with some of the biggest brands names of that time.

1998 New age

In the following years, the company achieved an increase in sales and a significant growth in the domestic market. Novoplast developed among the most competitive office furniture manufacturing, companies in the country. As a result, Pantelis and Stelios gave a new identity to the company and created the KOGERAKIS DESIGN (Ch. KOGERAKIS & SONS) and the buildings in Peristeri extended to cover the new increased production needs.

 2003 Growing


The year 2003 was a milestone for the company’s history. The family purchased new, top technology CNC production machines from the leading German companies “IMA” and “KOCH”, and from the Austrian company “SHELLING”. Furthermore, a new building was added to the company’s facilities reaching the 2,500 square meters. The aim of this development was to produce high quality furniture, rapid production of products and the option of custom-made furniture, factors that made the company stand out in the market.

2008 Growing

Responding to the market’s demand for high quality office furniture at affordable prices, our company widened the range of target customers from large companies to Government buildings, medical centers etc. Top of the art technological equipment, our professional staff, and our collaborations with the largest factories in Greece and Europe, allow us to equip your working place with modern and functional furniture with aesthetics and top quality.

2016 Going global

In 2016, having reached the fullness of time and following the rapid developments of our century, our company profile is updated with a new logo, «Kogerakis office & more», our online identity is strengthened and our participation in the digital media gets dynamically activated. Pantelis and Stelios Kogerakis present in the domestic market a new, innovative product catalog, designed with quality and ergonomics in mind.

Respect the customer and their requirements, top quality furniture, a large variety of colors and the ability of custom made orders characterizes the company’s profile. These factors have made us a powerful force in the professional office furniture domestic market.


In Kogerakis office & more, we work to create unique solutions for tomorrow’s workplace. This project we seek together with partners in countries around the world, such as Italy, Germany, Poland and Turkey. With values, that always distinguished us from others, such as excellent services, our quality products and our continuous dedication to the customer, help us create a successful future and ideal working environments.

Over the decades, we have gained great experience in the wholesale and in managing major projects in the public and private sector. The recognition we have received from our partners and our customers has put the building stones for new partnerships.